White German Shepherd

White German Shepherd: Characteristics, Personality, Curiosities, Prices

The white German Shepherd is a rare variant of this popular canine breed. Its completely white coat makes it look elegant and distinguished. But beyond its appearance, the white German Shepherd possesses all the typical qualities of the breed: intelligence, loyalty, learning ability, and much more.

White German Shepherd

In this article, we’ll tell you everything about the white German shepherd: its origins, physical characteristics, temperament, price, and much more. Keep reading to discover the curiosities of this incredible breed!

Origins of the White German Shepherd

It’s a variation of the traditional black and brown German Shepherd. Its white coloration is due to a recessive gene that first appeared in the late 19th century.

White German Shepherd - vintage

The first white German Shepherds appeared in litters of normal-coated German Shepherds. They were considered rarities and often euthanized at birth.

It wasn’t until the 1960s that breeders began to value and selectively breed white German Shepherds. In 1966, Lobo, the first white German Shepherd, was registered in the breed’s genealogical book.

Today, the white German Shepherd is officially recognized as a variant of the German Shepherd by major canine clubs, including the FCI and the AKC.

Characteristics of the White German Shepherd

It has the same characteristics and standards as the normal-colored German Shepherd, except for its albino coat.

Some typical characteristics are:

  • Large and robust size
  • Wedge-shaped head
  • Long snout
  • Erect and triangular ears
  • Muscular neck
  • Furry and medium-length tail
  • Medium, dense, and thick coat
  • Rough outer coat
  • Soft and dense inner coat
  • Completely white coat
  • Brown, amber, or blue eyes
  • Height between 60-65 cm (males) and 55-60 cm (females)
  • Weight between 30-40 kg (males) and 22-32 kg (females)
White German Shepherd - large

Unlike the traditional German Shepherd, the white German Shepherd can have black spots on the skin, especially in sun-exposed areas like the nose or eyelids.

Temperament of the White German Shepherd

In terms of temperament and personality, the white Alsatian German Shepherd and the white Alsatian German Shepherd are essentially the same.

The white German Shepherd is a dog:

  • Intelligent and easy to train
  • Energetic, active, and agile
  • Brave and self-confident
  • Alert and observant
  • Loyal and protective of its family
  • Wary of strangers
  • Well-balanced and steady-nerved

Its firm yet docile temperament makes it an excellent working, service, and family companion dog.

Care of the White German Shepherd

Although elegant, it’s not a delicate dog. It requires the same care as any normal-colored German Shepherd:

  • Exercise: needs ample physical and mental activity every day. Excellent for sports, obedience, and work.
  • Training: respectful of authority. Easily trainable with positive reinforcement methods.
  • Brushing: needs weekly brushing to remove dead hair. Tolerates cold weather well.
  • Health: generally robust but prone to hip dysplasia and other orthopedic issues.

Its average lifespan is 9 to 13 years.

Price of the White German Shepherd

The price of a white German Shepherd puppy ranges from 800 to 2500 euros from specialized breeders. Prices can be higher for champion bloodlines.

Some factors influencing the price include:

  • Lineage and parents’ history
  • Records and certifications
  • Location of the breeder
  • Health guarantee
  • Training
White German Shepherd

We recommend finding a responsible breeder of the white Alsatian Shepherd who tests the parents for hip dysplasia and provides a health guarantee.

Rescue white German Shepherds typically cost between 100 and 400 euros, including vaccinations, sterilization, and other veterinary care.

Curiosities about the White German Shepherd

  • The first registered white German Shepherd was named Lobo, born in 1966.
  • There are miniature versions like the miniature white German Shepherd or the miniature white spitz.
  • Its white coat makes it more prone to sunburn, deafness, and other eye problems.
  • In pop culture, it has appeared in movies like Tarantino’s Django.
  • One of the most famous white German Shepherds was Polar Bear, the pet of former President Obama.

As you can see, the price of a white German Shepherd is above average, but it’s worth it for its unique qualities. If you’re considering adding one to your family, make sure to find an ethical and responsible breeder.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the White German Shepherd

Are White German Shepherds Aggressive?

No, they are not aggressive by nature. They are protective of their families but, when properly socialized and trained, they usually do not display unjustified aggression.

What Are the Health Problems of the White German Shepherd?

Like the traditional German Shepherd, the white one can suffer from hip displasia, bloat, and eye problems like cataracts. They require moderate exercise to stay healthy.

Are White German Shepherds Hypoallergenic?

No, they produce the same amount of allergens as normal-colored ones. They are not recommended for people allergic to dogs.

Do White German Shepherds Get Along with Children?

Yes, they usually get along with children if they are socialized from a young age. Always supervise their interactions and train the dog to respect children.

Do White German Shepherds Require a Lot of Space?

Yes, they usually get along with children if they are socialized from a young age. Always supervise their interactions and train the dog to respect children.

Do White German Shepherds Require a Lot of Space?

They require moderate space. They can adapt to apartments if given enough daily exercise and stimulation. Ideal for houses with a yard.

Conclusion About the White German Shepherd

In conclusion, it is a magnificent and uncommon dog, ideal for active families looking for an intelligent and elegant companion. It requires responsible exercise, training, and care to bring out the best in its noble temperament and learning ability.

If you’re considering a white German Shepherd, be sure to find a reliable breeder who guarantees their health and well-being. These dogs can be the most loyal and protective companions when given proper care.

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